"Mistaken Identity", Hilton Brothers

La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain

Co-Curator · Curator: Lola Garrido

The works presented in Misaken Identity, reflect the inner world of Makos and Solberg, but also the light, smells and sounds of the different places they have visited in their travels.

A sum of visions and experiences captured in the photographs which each of them performed are interconnected, giving rise to a third artwork. The viewer will play his way, suggesting multiple meanings and endless readigns. The exhibition highlights the photographs that comprise “Altered Image”, work done by Christopher Makos and Andy Warhol in 1981, where photographer and subject explored their own identity, making unexpected combinations of simple elements.

The exploration continues with Solberg in “Andydandy” portfolio of twenty diptychs that juxtapose images of portraits by Makos in “Altered Image,” with photographs of flowers from the series “Bloom” by Solberg.

Pictures © Manuel Blanco / La Casa Encendida, Madrid