"Medardo Rosso. The Trasient Form"

Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice Italy

Assistant Curator · Curator: Paola Mola

The exhibition traces the rediscovery of the complex contemporary aesthetics of Medardo Rosso (Turin, 1858 - Milan, 1928) through sculptures, waxes, plasters, bronzes, photos and previously unseen documents. 

The decision to exhibit a selection of 24 documented sculptures,  including Madame X (wax on plaster, 1896), Yvette Guilbert (glazed plaster, 1895), La Rieuse (wax, 1890) and Bambino malato (wax, 1889), reveals the complex task of dating and reconstructing Rosso’s artistic production. Time was of little consequence to Rosso: sometimes the artist himself would get the dates of his works muddled up, as though for him the work were a fluid thing that would last a lifetime in sculpture or in photography.  

Pictures © Sergio Martucci