"Mujeres en Plural · Women in Plural"

Canal de Isabel II Foundation, Madrid, Spain

Collection Manager and Co-Curator · Curator: Lola Garrido

Women in plural is an exhibition about the feminine universe through the eyes and objectives of the masters of photography. A journey that reflects the change of society and women of the twentieth century, and incidentally stops at the different types of women who made it possible, in its diversity, the current concept of the twenty-first century woman.

The exhibition brings together the beauty, complexity and strength of women through hundreds of photographs that show the intensity with which the female lived the last hundred years. From anonymous women great public figures, the exhibition focuses on women of an era that transcended the domestic sphere achieving the triumph of the feminine.

60 great photographers of the twentieth, as Rodchenko, Man Ray, Horst P. Horst, Munkacsi, Irving Penn, William Klein, Cecil Beaton, Lillian Bassman, Gundlach, Elliot Erwitt or Robert Doisneau, show us through his glasses the richness and diversity the feminine universe.

Pictures © Fundacion Canal